Final Project – Unit 4: Visual Literacy

Visual Literacy is very important to consider when we design our Flipped Learning lessons because we want our videos and images to be visually apealing and engaging to our students. Being aware of how to use images to good effect can greatly increase the impact of the media that we create to use with our students. When we teach our students to be visually literate we open their learning up to a whole new level because our brains process images much faster and more completely than they do text or sound.

In our age of Photoshop, Greenscreens, and other ways to change video and pictures visual literacy is incredibly important. When our students build their personal identity against the backdrop of the “perfect” pictures that they see on Instagram and other sites, many of which are faked or edited to present the apperance of “perfect” we need to make sure to educate our students about how those images impact them.

Perfect Takes Its Toll

These two videos are from an Instagram star who decided to leave social media because of the stress of having to remain “perfect”. We have to teach our students how to fully understand the images that they see so that they can make informed decisions.

Final Project


For my final project I made two infographics to help get educators on to Twitter to build their PLN.

The first infographic is why educators should join Twitter. The title is in “Twitter Blue”. The two sections of the infograhpic are a brick red and a purple both colors are vibrant while still allowing white text Read More »