Genius Hour – Higher Order Thinking Through Student Agency

Photo Credit: ScottNorrisPhoto via Compfight cc

As a part of EdTechTeam Teacher Leader program I had to research one type of Project/Problem Based Learning (PBL). I chose Genius Hour because I had heard some good things about it. Having researched it I think that every teacher should implement Genius Hour or some other form of PBL in their class. Even or especially teachers of primary grades. Genius Hour has the capability to catch the wonder of younger students and intensify their curiosity when it is still strong to help grow lifelong learners. While PBL does take a lot of time that can be difficult to carve out of a heavily scheduled school day the rewards far outweigh the difficulties.

I recently read Twitter that “school has the habit of crushing the curiosity out of students”. I wish I could remember/find who said it so that I can properly attribute it. The person who said it as part of their support of PBL. PBL is one of the ways that we can reverse the troubling trend of disengaged students. We need active curious learners who will shoot for the stars and help us solve the wicked problems that are so overwealming we ignore them rather than try to fix them, problems like global climate change.

Genuis Hour Research Presentation