Final Project – Unit 6: Redesigning the Learning Space.

Note: the instructional order of units 5 and 6 were switched to allow Unit 5: Redesigning the Learning Space to be taught before the beginning of the school year for many of the cohort participants.

I really enjoyed this section of the course. I learned a lot about how to better utilize my space and make it more inviting to my students. I am really looking forward to seeing how it works once we are all in the space.

Update (8/28/16):

We have now been in the space two weeks. It is working out really, really well. This configuration has made moving around the room even with everyone in their seats the most fluid and easiest I have ever had. We have a large carpet space central to the room which is great for direct instruction and class meetings. We were able to transition from working at our tables to everyone in the meeting circle including adjusting tables and bringing chairs in less than 45 seconds, on the second attempt of the year. That is astounding. Last year it regularly took 2-3 minuts to make that transition. Granted it is a different group of students but that is still a fenomenal change. The students like the tables and enjoy using the “Idea Wall” whiteboard.

Learning Spaces Final Project Writeup

Read more below the break.

The Idea Wall

I had theĀ idea to install a large scale whiteboard in order to better utilize my wall space. I documented the process in the blog post linked below.

“Idea Wall” Whiteboard Installation Writeup


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