Final Project – Unit 3: Flipped Learning

Flipped Learning has HUGE potential to reorganize learning in my classroom. The idea that I could drastically reduce the amount of time I spend in front of my students talking to them and engaging only a few of them is exciting. The difficulty comes in implementing it correctly. My students have very limited access to technology at home. Smartphones are common, tablets less so, and laptops and desktops are a rare beast. Even those who do have devices available often have limited internet access or don’t have internet access at all. Because of this I think that I would have to implement the Flipped Rotation or In Class Flipped model to allow my students to access the digital materials in an equitable (and productive) way.

My two lessons are targeted not at the students of my school but at the teachers. Our site is rolling out Google Apps for Education to our students in the fall and my staff do not understand the capabilities of Google Classroom, Google Drive, and the rest of the GAFE suite. These lessons are to help them start to feel comfortable with GAFE so that they will begin to integrate it into their teaching.

My first lesson is an Introduction to Google Classroom built around a Google Form. It is very basic because none of my teachers have used GC at all (as far as I know) and I need to give a brief overview and find out where they stand so that I can better support them.

My second lesson will be used later in the year to help them adapt the Google Drive Level Up Challenge to be able to use it with their students. They will have already done the challenge as part of our PD series.

Key learning to remember when using flipped learning.

From What is Flipped Learning? by

Flipping a class can, but does not necessarily, lead to Flipped Learning.

Flipped Learning Matrix


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